How To Look Up Your Birth Chart

How To Look Up Your Birth Chart

This is essential for anyone wanting to learn more about themsleves through the art of Astrology. 


In this free online community class (use the code ASTRO to get this class for free). We go step-by-step how to look up your Birth Chart online.


When you have a copy of your Birth Chart, you can:

- Go deeper into your Astrology 

- Get more information out of general horoscopes

- Plan with planetary cycles based on your personal Astro make-up


This is a recorded class, which was held live, so it includes questions from the group as we go.



- Video Recording of Class

- Audio Only Recording of Class

- PDF Slides with All Directions


All files are sent to you for immediate download.


Cost: Free (use the code ASTRO to get the class for free when checking out)